Logbook to successful driving


When you start your first Essential Driver Training (EDT) session, you will be given an official logbook.

This is used to record the details of your training and progress, as well as the necessary preparation for your next sessions.  After each lesson, check with your instructor what you should be practicing with your Sponsor. 

It is important to get plenty of practice with your Sponsor. Sponsors must hold a full car driving licence for a minimum of two years and must be in a position to give you the time you need to improve your driving skills without financial reward.

Your instructor may wish to talk with your Sponsor from time to time to get a feel of how your driving skills are progressing or they may ask you to share your Logbook with them. A Sponsor’s page is provided in the logbook, so that they can record when practice sessions have taken place and the skills that were practiced. They can also add comments which will be beneficial to you and your Approved Driving Instructor. You are encouraged to record your own evaluation to help you consider what you need to practice before your next lesson. 

Your Logbook is an important record of your training and progress.  You should keep it safe and take it along to get updated at the end of each lesson. 

The EDT programme

The EDT programme consists of 12 one hour lessons,  designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of road safety, develop your driving ability and deliver the vital skills you need to become a competent driver. The objectives and expected outcomes for this lesson are described in the EDT Syllabus which is available in the Essential Driver Training Learner Information Booklet and online at RSA

When you have successfully completed a lesson your ADI will stamp the relevant section of your logbook, record your progress, give feedback and set objectives in preparation for the next lesson in the programme. 

Only an RSA approved instructor can complete your logbook. Your instructor can only sign off on the lessons they have given. So make sure you take your logbook to be updated after every lesson. 

If you need any further driving instruction this will be agreed with your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) 

Please note: EDT records are made available to the Road Safety Authority to enable it to monitor compliance with the requirements of EDT. This will include your name, driver number and details of EDT lessons completed. The RSA is subject to the Data Protection Acts and manages data in accordance with the legislation.