Before you take to the Road


Step One: The Driver Theory Test

According to Irish Law, before you get behind the wheel with an instructor you first must pass your driver theory test and be in possession of your Learner Permit. Available to take at over 45 locations all over Ireland, you can book your driver theory test online. Once at the Testing Centre, the test is taken on a computer. You receive your pass certificate on the same day. Most countries have some sort of driving theory test to accompany their practical exam. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all test when it comes to the theory test. Each category comes with its own separate charge. As of 2020, it will cost you €45 to take the Category B test—the test that you need to be able to drive a car, a tractor, or working vehicle. If you wish to drive a moped, you will need to take a separate test, at the cost of an additional €45. Here are some top tips for passing your theory test first time:

1: Give yourself enough time.

When you turn 16 rushing to book the test as soon as possible might sound appealing but give yourself at least 3 weeks to study your rules of the road.

2: Use the official RSA revision materials.

Sometimes the officially provided books/DVDs and CDS can add up and become costly. It might sound like a good idea to go online and do your revision that way. Unfortunately, the rules of the road change all the time. Questions get added, and things get taken away. By using the RSA official revision guides for the year that you are taking your test, you won’t get any nasty surprises. That said, taking an online mock test might give you a good idea on what to expect on the day.

3: Book your test through official channels.

Booking your driving theory test is as easy as following a link. (Phone and post work too if you’re old school) – Check that you are booking via the official site or phone number so that you don’t end up giving your money to scammers.

4: You must wear a facial covering/mask to your test

That’s common sense during the pandemic

5: Don’t forget your ID.

Take a look at the approved list of ID’s and make sure that you have the appropriate one when you go to take your test. They won’t let you take your test without it.

6: You *can* appeal your test result.

If you take your test and think that you should have gotten a higher mark because of a technical error, or other issue, you can apply for an appeal at the cost of €15. If you are successful, you will receive your pass test certificate, if not, you will need to take your test again.

7: Study, study, study!

More people than you would think believe that the driving theory test is made up of common sense, and refuse to pick up a book before they go to the test centre. I have never met a person that has done this that has actually passed their test. Check out the materials beforehand—watch Youtube videos, get an RSA guide that you can read instead of scrolling through the FYP on Tiktok before you go to bed. As mentioned before, try taking one of the mock tests online to get an idea of the structure of the test. The online portal for the official material can be found here, which includes an online learning app.